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Voters Strong on Manufacturing, Infrastructure

barack_obamaJanuary 30, 2012 – A new nationwide poll shows that most voters want this year’s presidential candidates to take stronger positions on both manufacturing and infrastructure issues. The nonpartisan Clarus Poll found that 70 percent of the national electorate would be more inclined to vote for a presidential candidate with a strong position on America’s manufacturing industries and jobs while a solid 65 percent also said they’d be more inclined to vote for a candidate with a strong position on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. Among all voters, only Mitt Romney is rated more positively than negatively  on the manufacturing issue. Among all voters, only Barack Obama is rated more positively than negatively on the infrastructure issue.

Ice Melting in Washington?

HighwayBillJanuary 24, 2012 – The word on the street is a compromise has been reached by congressional leaders on a final FAA reauthorization bill, and the House is poised to move forward on multiyear highway legislation in February. House Republicans will reportedly unveil a surface transportation bill later this week. After introducing the legislation, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will promptly move forward with consideration of the bill, mark it up on Feb. 2 and then send it to the House floor for final approval.

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In This Case, the Quarry Wins

alabama_map1January 18, 2012 – The NCAA National Champion Crimson Tide isn't the only winning team in Alabama. M&N Materials is a winner as well. In an ongoing case that may serve as a textbook example of what can happen to a small town that uses annexation and rezoning to oppose the opening of an aggregates operation, the town of Gurley, Ala., asked a Madison County court to stay a judgment while it appeals a $5 million jury verdict in favor of M&N Materials. 

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Martin Marietta Vs. Vulcan: The Latest

MMMVMJanuary 11, 2012 – In the continuing war of words between Martin Marietta and Vulcan Materials, Vulcan got in the last word . . . or should I say, the latest last word. Martin Marietta provided shareholders and interested parties with a new presentation that outlined its vision for the deal. "We believe very strongly in the compelling benefits of the proposed business combination," said Martin Marietta President and CEO Ward Nye. In response, Vulcan issued the following statement: "Martin Marietta's presentation provides nothing new on the merits of its hostile offer. Vulcan held talks with Martin Marietta over many months and determined that a combination did not make economic sense for the company and would not enhance value for Vulcan shareholders.

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States Could Lose Highway Funds

nssgaJanuary 4, 2012 – According to NSSGA, a Jan. 30 deadline looms for states to implement a federal regulation whereby DMVs require interstate truck drivers to provide proof from a medical professional that they are healthy enough to drive. States failing to comply face a 5 percent cut in their federal highway funds with that penalty doubling if they do not come into conformance the following year.  One-third of states have indicated they may not meet this mandate, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  States in violation as of Feb. 1 must submit a plan demonstrating "an earnest intent to gain full compliance" on an acceptable timeline or else federal funds could be withheld beginning Oct. 1, 2014.

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