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Sand Screener


Del Sol offers a simple, robust, and process efficient sand screener for the frac market. The screener not only does an excellent job in sizing the sand for required cuts, but it is also easy to operate and does not blind off like others. Although it could safely be considered old school – using screening and handling techniques that have worked for decades – the unit can handle in the order of 50 tph per unit (even higher depending on the sand properties) with minimal shut down for clearing screens.

Each screener can be produced to take a first coarse cut for overs, 3 cuts for product (20/40, 30/50 and 50/70) and has a separate discharge section for fines. Screen sections are individually replaceable and are held down by external cam clamps. How? Well, the unit has a ball deck under each screen deck. The balls simply bounce between decks causing wedged grains to clear. Pretty simple but it works.