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Preferred Sands Proppant In Demand

Preferred Sands, one of North America’s largest proppant, well-logistics and resin technology companies, announced significant growth in demand for Garnet, its resin-coated sand (RCS) featuring Teraforce technology from The Dow Chemical Co. Highlighted in the September 2013 issue of Inc. magazine as one of this year's “coolest products,” RSC Garnet is completely non-phenolic and has helped spur greater interest in sustainable alternatives in the oil and gas industry. In addition to being environmentally sensitive, the product is both cost effective and more efficient than phenolic-based frac sands, helping Preferred Sands to assume a greater share of the low-temperature proppant market, according to information fro the company.

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Santrol Begins Self-Suspending Proppant Production

Santrol, a Fairmount Minerals company, announced full-scale production of self-suspending proppant technology is underway at a Texas plant. Additional manufacturing sites will be integrated into the value chain during the first half of 2014 as field trials continue to validate the increased hydraulic fracturing efficiency with this technology.

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Wastewater Disposal Issues Addressed

The Neptune Evaporator System manufactured by Hot Springs, Ark.-based Neptune Systems is a new revolutionary and low-cost method for environmentally-sound leachate, storm water, and wastewater disposal in waste management, fracking, water treatment, industrial and mining applications.

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Study: Methane Leakage from Shale Gas Lower Than Alleged

Initial findings from a new comprehensive study undertaken by the Environmental Defense Fund and the University of Texas found that methane leakage rates from natural gas systems were far below estimates of previous studies.

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