Geosonics/Vibra-Tech Offers Easy-to-Use Vibration Monitoring Solution

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech seismographs are complete vibration and sound monitoring systems with LCD displays and heavy-duty twist-lock metal cable connections. The cases for its instrumentation are manufactured with the toughest structural resin available, and are the most water resistant seismographs on the market, according got the company. Basic compliance reporting software is included with each unit at no additional charge, and all…

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Boart Longyear Offers Geological Data Services; Instrumentation

This year’s bauma show focused on digitization within the industry as companies transition to the latest technologies to provide more actionable data. Boart Longyear has introduced a number of geological data services and instrumentation over the last few years to complement its drilling services and products divisions. Through the use of these tools and services, Boart Longyear is able to…

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10 Considerations When Purchasing A New Drill Rig

In the mineral exploration drilling business, drill rigs and equipment are critical to winning bids, completing contracts, and making money. Buying a new drill rig is a big decision and many variables and factors affect that decision. The biggest question one has to answer is, “Will this drill rig make money? Or cost more to own than some other option…

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