ALJ Vacate Drilling Citations, Citing an Unreasonable Interpretation

By Ellen Smith MSHA’s interpretation of a drilling standard is erroneous, not worthy of deference, and would lead to extraordinarily dangerous results, according to a recent ruling by Review Commission Judge Pricilla Rae. The case involved MSHA’s interpretation of §56.7012, which requires that drills be “attended” at all times. The dispute centered around the meaning of “attended.”

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VISTA Training Offers PC-based Bulldozer Simulator

VISTA Training now offers a PC-based bulldozer simulator from Simlog. This instructionally designed simulation software puts trainees at the controls of a medium-sized bulldozer at work in a typical construction site. Seven simulation modules are structured to train entry-level operators on basic operation and core skills. Lessons begin with controls familiarization and progress to more complex tasks.

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