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Trimble Offers White Paper: Taking a C-Level View

PTP120219 TrimbleToday’s aggregates executives have much to keep them up at night. Like most business leaders, the pressure to maximize returns while decreasing overhead is constant.

But executives in the aggregates industry also face increasing pressure to improve operational efficiency, sustainability and safety performance while maintaining a competitive advantage and exploring new revenue streams. Add to that the desire to make technology decisions that can help drive improved efficiency and cost performance, and it’s a wonder these decision-makers have any time for rest.

With so many priorities to juggle, how do quarry executives lead their teams and operations into the future? What levers can they pull to make significant productivity improvements, enhance transparency across the business to reduce waste and optimize operations?

Fortunately, a fresh perspective on operations management and advancements in quarry technologies are transforming the aggregates industry. A combination of automated data capture using network-connected devices and web-based reporting and analytics tools will help support the quarry of the future. These technologies give C-level executives greater visibility across extraction, processing and load-out as well as enhanced transparency for smarter inventory planning and forecasting.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools are also providing deeper insights into processes across the organization by looking at current data compared to historical data and forecasts or targets. With an understanding about what’s happening within their quarries and accurate forecast data, leaders will have the ability to better plan production over various time horizons, to closely track productivity and performance across their entire operation, and to drive organizational change in new and exciting ways.

To download the entire white paper, go here.