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ASGCO’s Dual Return Idlers


ASGCO’s line of Tru-Trainer tracking idlers now includes the Dual Return model to accommodate high speed and tonnage associated with aggressive mining operations. The tapered ends sense any potential belt alignment issues and initiate the tracking corrections to take place instantly, without the need for edge contact rollers.

A seize-proof external central pivot mechanism was designed, eliminating the need for a single, large drum, and enabling a concentric and balanced rotation to be achieved. This proprietary design also makes Dual Return an excellent choice for reversing belt applications.

This integrated design also extends bearing life and is proven to withstand the toughest mining applications worldwide.

“With the effectiveness of our Tru-Trainer flat return, it was natural to develop a variation that could handle the intense demands of high speed and high tonnage operations. We designed the Dual Return for those exact specs and have seen tremendous results in virtually every application.” said Vice President of New Business Jeff Jurasits.“The urethane version incorporates rollers that withstand even the most abrasive conditions while continuing to provide excellent grip.”

Available for 48- to 96-in. belt widths, the Dual Return can accommodate conveyor belt speeds that exceed 800 fpm and/or greater than 1500 PIW. Installation can be performed at the location of existing idler attachment points and can be configured to both push down or pull up depending on the belt’s operation.