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ASGCO Launches Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lagging

ASGCOASGCO added a semi-ceramic option to their pulley lagging product line, featuring 40 percent coverage. With this newest addition, customers have a choice between full-ceramic coverage with the Arrowhead Ceramic Pulley Lagging for high tension drive pulleys, and the Semi-Ceramic Lagging for smaller pulleys, non-drive pulleys and bend pulleys.

The improved ceramic tiles are embedded in rubber on all sides and separated by a horizontal groove for dispelling water and dirt. It provides robust performance in dry, wet or muddy applications. ASGCO’s pre-chemical backing provides an exceptional bond for rubber-to-metal applications, and easy installation.

Other features and benefits include:
• Increased productivity by delivering increased traction between the conveyor belt and pulley, allowing for lower belt tension than with rubber lagging.
• Reduced down time on non-drive pulleys, where pulley change-out due to excessive wear is difficult.
• Superior bonding strength due to 3 mm of neoprene compound vulcanized into the bottom-side of the lagging.
• Rounded corners that allow better adhesion between the rubber and the tile.

ASGCO’s Semi-Ceramic Lagging is supplied in 15-in. x 32.81-ft. rolls for full versatility.