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Maximus North America Teams up With Gold Rush Stars

MF021017 MaximusTFC80In 2015, Maximus North America set the "gold standard" for the mobile crushing and screening industry by introducing the Irish-based Maximus Crushing and Screening product line into North America. This statement proved to be true and ironic when one of the stars of the Discovery Channel's hit TV show "Gold Rush" noticed the bright red Maximus MXJ-1000 Jaw Crusher at an industry trade show in 2016.

Dave Turin oversees mining and production for 316 Mining LLC, otherwise known as The Hoffman Team, a successful Oregon-based mining group run by Todd Hoffman. Dave stopped by the Maximus North America stand as he was leaving the trade show because the quality, fit and finish of the machine caught his attention and he was interested to see whether there might be any synergies between the 316 Mining Team and the Maximus brand.

Stu Gamble, president of Maximus North America, and a few of the MNA dealers struck up a conversation with Turin about the product line and it was discovered that Maximus did indeed have a machine in their product line that could fit in the gold mining operation.

Turin explained to Gamble that they were facing a challenge with replacing the mined dirt back to its original state in a cost-effective manner in their current mining location. Gamble suggested that they use the Maximus TFC-80 360-degree swivel-feed hopper stacker. The machine could track remotely over rough terrain while swiveling side to side, distributing the dirt in a much wider track. This would effectively decrease the amount of labor and time expended on returning the dirt to its original contour, thus providing the Hoffman Team an advantage in having more time to mine for new gold.

While in conversation, it was also discovered that the Maximus TFC-80 would have another use at the mine – the 316 Mining Team's set up at the time included a trommel screen that could separate material but did not have a hopper, which would allow material to be fed into it. The Maximus TFC-80 has the capability of remotely operating on a 90-degree angle. This innovative technology would allow the Hoffman Team to feed pay dirt directly into the hopper on any terrain angle which then would feed directly into the trommel that the team was using to separate the rocks from the fines of the pay dirt.

Turin was intrigued with the equipment and invited the Maximus team to meet with him and Hoffman in Oregon to further plan using the machine at the gold mine to increase efficiency and productivity for the Hoffman Team. Hoffman agreed and was excited about how this equipment could reduce time and labor and would be a multi-use benefit to the mining operation.

When the machine arrived on site, the top priority for 316 Mining was to return the dredged land back to its original condition after the gold was mined and the Maximus TFC-80 accomplished this goal.

In the world of gold mining, there are very few things that are predictable. Adverse weather conditions, rough terrain, the threat of wild animals always very real and present, and the hurdle of mounting expenses with no guarantee of a pay out all could very well turn away the average miner to give up their dream of finding real gold.

Maximus North America will welcome the 316 Mining Team to its booth at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 in Las Vegas and would like to invite everyone to stop by for autographs and to speak with Turin about his experiences with the Maximus product line. The TFC-80 stacker will be displayed on Silver Lot 1 at S5007.

Maximus North America,