The Waze to Go

RR071719 WazeJuly 17, 2019 – Those of us who travel a lot have come to rely on the app Waze for directions, road conditions and where the next speed trap is. Now, Waze’s latest update will give drivers more information about how much money they should expect to spend on tolls. While Waze has always known where the toll roads are, and allowed drivers to avoid them, the app will now list every toll’s actual price. The update, for both iOS and Android, will work in the United States and Canada. Google, which owns Waze, isn’t tracking the costs itself; users have to report the prices within the app just like they do with accidents, traffic-backups, etc.. But still, the idea is clearly to give drivers the option to avoid tolls while also helping them assess whether they have the cash on hand to pass through. More and more toll roads are taking credit cards now, thankfully, which is a plus, especially if you have driven the length of Pennsylvania lately.