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OH a Gas Tax Increase

RR021119 pumpJuly 3, 2019 – There is a bit of fireworks this 4th of July in Ohio. A 10.5-cent and 19-cent statewide jump in price for gas and diesel fuel, respectively, went into effect thanks to a tax increase contained in the state’s latest transportation budget. The hike puts the total tax at 38.5 cents for gas and 47 cents for diesel. Since 2005, the state tax rate on both gas and diesel had been 28 cents. Revenue from the changes is expected to exceed $850 million per year for road and bridge improvement projects with 45% of that going into the pockets of local municipalities. Under the previous gas tax, municipalities received 40% of revenue. Despite the increase, the plan falls more than $300 million a year short of what Gov. Mike DeWine said was absolutely necessary for Ohio's roads and bridges.