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Granite Touts Telematics

RR070219 GraniteJuly 2, 2019 – Granite's 2018 Sustainability Report, available on its website, focuses on many aspects of the company's business. One interesting part is the inclusion of telematics and how it factors into its sustainability efforts. In the section "Using Telematics to Reduce our Carbon Footprint," the company said one of its goals is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions/fuel consumption associated with its mobile fleet and asphalt plant operations by 2% year-over-year. "One of the challenges for reducing our carbon footprint is accurately accounting for the use of all owned and rented equipment assets to quantify fuel consumption," the company stated. "We are continuing efforts to develop an efficient and accurate data-gathering solution to track and evaluate this objective. The use of telematics provides valuable information from a sustainability and safety perspective, including fuel consumption, driving habits, and proper operation and use of equipment. Granite began this effort in 2015 and we have since increased the number of equipment/vehicle assets using telematics by 85%, for a total equipment/vehicle count of 1,900. From an environmental perspective, we are seeing positive results that are contributing to improved fuel consumption reductions."