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Graniterock Fixes Its Own Road

RR060419 GraniterockJune 4, 2019 – Exiting Graniterock's A.R. Wilson Quarry won’t be such a bumpy ride now that the company fixed its own road. The road leading out of the quarry, with more than a few potholes, underwent a rehabilitation project coordinated by several Graniterock teams in addition to the quarry: CIR, RTS, Construction Division and Road Materials. The One Company project has been years in the making as the road condition has grown worse in recent years due to high truck traffic and heavy rains, creating frustration among aggregate customers and team members.

“This project was long overdue,” Quarry Manager Peter Lemon said. “We collaborated with several areas of Graniterock to solve the critical issues and make this a success. It took years to get here, but the final product is something we can all be proud of.”

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