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Earthquake and Tsunami

japanMarch 11, 2011 – The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan this morning continue to cause damage throughout the world, including severe wave action in Hawaii and on the West Coast of the United States. This disaster reminds us once again that events can change in any part of the world at a moment's notice. In addition to enormous personal tragedy to contend with, Japan will have to initiate major infrastructure re-development efforts along the coastal and inland areas washed out by massive waves of water. I just watched a Weather Channel report from the West Coast of the United States, and the reporter was speaking while standing in front of a major break wall constructed of rip rap. There is almost no disaster in which aggregates are not part of the solution, either through the use of stone products, or emergency manpower. I have seen aggregates producers time and time again step in to assist with heavy equipment and know-how after a disaster. Let's hope and pray that the industry's expertise is not needed here this time around, and there is no repeat of the kind of devastation that was caused by Hurricane Katrina.