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You Ought to Know the Difference!

RR090519 MSHASept. 5, 2019 – MSHA apparently doesn't know the difference between cement and concrete. The agency issued a preliminary fatality report that states, "On August 20, 2019, at approximately 8:00 a.m., a miner was fatally injured when he sustained traumatic injuries from a 40-ft. fall down a shaft to the cement floor below. The victim was working with another miner unloading a refuse kettle attached to an electric hoist when he went over the unguarded edge of the shaft." I brought the error to their attention. They didn't bother to fix it. How can you expect the people you regulate to pay attention to detail if you don't do it yourself?

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You Need Good Roads for Evacuations

RR090419 hurricaneAug. 4, 2019 – Need a good argument for safe and efficient roads? Millions in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas are facing evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Dorian's possible landfall in the Southeastern United States. The storm, which has been downgraded to a Category 2, is continuing north after ripping through the Bahamas over Labor Day weekend. In Georgia, evacuation plans are in place for roughly 300,000 people living east of Interstate 95. Early Tuesday, the state's I-16 became a one-way evacuation route for those fleeing Dorian. Mandatory evacuation orders issued by Gov. Brian Kemp went into effect for the coastal counties of Glynn, Chatham, Liberty, McIntosh, Bryan, and Camden counties as of 12 p.m. Monday. Dorian is expected to travel up to Georgia Wednesday night into Thursday. Residents along the state's coast are bracing for heavy rains, strong winds and storm surge from the slow-moving storm.

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AEM Sets a New Course

AEMlogo squareAug. 29, 2019 – The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) board of directors has approved a new 2020-2022 Strategic Plan that will set the long-term direction of the association and guide its activities and services. The plan was reviewed and approved by the board at its Aug. 7 meeting in Indianapolis. The goals of the new Strategic Plan are 1) Build positive perception of our industry; 2) Accelerate industry growth; 3) Support and empower member company decision-making, and 3) Facilitate members’ customer-facing efforts. Kudos to AEM for helping to create a more effective future for its members.

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Highway Work Bounces Back

RR082619 roadAug. 26, 2019 – You don't expect highway and bridge construction to dip during the summer construction season, but that is exactly what happened in June. Fortunately, July was a different story. Highway and bridge construction in July improved 9%, rebounding after a 5% decline in June, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. Large highway and bridge projects entered as July construction starts were the $238 million project to repair the approaches and arches of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, a $235 million road paving project in Portsmouth, Va., and a $118 million highway expansion project in Bakersfield, Calif. For the month of July, the top five states in terms of the dollar amount of highway and bridge construction starts were – California, Texas, New York, Virginia and Florida. 

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Globally Speaking

RR082119 GlobeAug. 21, 2019 – The global aggregates market is expected to reach $671.1 billion by 2025, escalating at a CAGR of 6.5% over the forecast period, according to a new report by Grand View Research Inc.Aging of infrastructure and expanding construction sector are anticipated to drive the growth of the construction aggregates market over the forecast period. The crushed stone segment is anticipated to remain the largest segment over the forecast period, in terms of revenue as well as volume, on account of its massive usage in roadway construction. The concrete segment is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% over the forecast period, in terms of revenue, due to increasing demand in housing sector. The global construction aggregates market is likely to be dominated by three countries: India, China and the United States, owing to steady growth in their construction activities in infrastructure as well as the real estate sector. "The infrastructure sector in the United States is in dire need of an upgrade as the country has witnessed an increase in bridge collapsing incidents in the past few years," the report states. "Nearly 9.1% of country's bridges are structurally deficient according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The country is expected to observe a huge surge in bridge infrastructure development over the coming years."

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