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Wood Makes a Gravelly Point

RR020618 BaileyWoodFeb. 6, 2018 – A Congressional representative from Georgia, Jody Hice, wants to rename Gravelly Point Park in Arlington County, Va., and call it Nancy Reagan Memorial Park. An article in the Washington Post has a few things to say about that, and quotes someone we know well, Bailey Wood: “Gravel is truly one of the most fundamental building blocks in America,” said Bailey Wood, vice president of communications for the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, located about five miles from Gravelly Point, in Alexandria. “We commonly say around here that there is nothing of significance built in this country that doesn’t start with a rock. And gravel is a fundamental component of that.” Yeah, Wood makes a Gravelly Point, some names ought to be just left the way they are.

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Having a Blast

RR013018 blastJan. 29, 2018 – Hello from San Antonio where I am attending the ISEE blasting conference. Lots of optimism here and manufacturers pleased with both current business conditions and booth traffic. Spoke with several of the seismic monitoring companies who had much to say about some plant expansions coming on line in the future and ongoing community outreach being practiced by a number of aggregates operations. Look for a full report in Rock Products.

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Trump Infrastructure Plan Outline Leaked

RR012418 Axios sqJanuary 24, 2018 – Details of President Trump's plan to revive America's aging infrastructure system have been leaked to news site Axios. According to the leaked outline, the federal government is only putting up a fraction of the funds that will be used to build and fix projects including highways, bridges and airports. Half of the appropriations will go toward an "infrastructure incentives" program giving federal grants to state, local or private entities. Federal grant awards can cover up to 20 percent of the total cost of the infrastructure plan, said the document, which appears on the Axios site. Federal money will also go toward a so-called "Transformative Projects Program" that finances "exploratory and groundbreaking ideas that have more risk than standard infrastructure projects but offer a larger reward profile."

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Giving You Nothing But The Best

RR011718 publicrelationsJan. 17, 2018 – It is no secret that Rock Products brings you the very best editorial content. But it is always nice to have that reinforced by the outside world. Congratulations to our Community columnist Thomas Roach, who had one of his columns referenced and discussed in the 8th Edition of the book, "Public Relations Cases" by Jerry A. Hendrix and Darrell C. Hayes (Wadsworth Cengage Learning). His column, "The NIMBY & Goliath Phenomenon," from the May 2004 issue of Rock Products is cited in the text.

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LaHood Calls for Infrastructure Plan

RR010318 raylahoodJan. 3, 2018  – Ray LaHood, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation and the current co-chair of the bipartisan advocacy group Building America’s Future, wrote a column for Newsweek calling for support for a common-sense infrastructure plan. "In order to address the dire condition of our infrastructure and start creating jobs, we need a bipartisan and strategic plan that provides long-term funding," he wrote. "Revitalizing our nation’s infrastructure and keeping Americans safe should not be solely a Democratic or Republican issue."

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