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Robots and Drones in Underground Aggregates

RR102119 WVUlogoOctober 21, 2019 – Injuries and deaths caused by roof collapses and falling debris, common culprits for underground mine accidents, could be prevented by the unlikely force of robots and drones, thanks to the work of West Virginia University (WVU) engineers. 

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New Transloading Terminal

RR101619 RailtoRoadLogoOct. 16, 2019 – Local Chamber of Commerce representatives conducted a ribbon cutting at a new Rail to Road transloading agate terminal southwest of Worthington, Minn., according to The Globe. Operational since late April, the transloading facility brings in rail cars from the Union Pacific and Ellis & Eastern railways on a pair of 1,250-ft. rail spurs. Clark Meyer, president of Rail to Road Inc., said that most of the product brought in by rail during the past five months has been portland cement. The transloading facility features a loading pit, bucket elevator (augering system) and three overhead silos that each hold 300 tons of product. Once the rail cars are unloaded, semi tractor-trailers arrive to pick up the product and deliver it to area businesses. Dan Kippley, economic and business development director for Rail to Road, said each rail car holds the equivalent of about four semi trailer loads of material.

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Top States for Infrastructure, Expansion

RR101119 highwayconstructionOct. 11, 2019 – The Global Groundwork Index rankings provided by corporate expansion agency Conway Inc., offer a snapshot of which territories are seeing concurrent strong investment trends in infrastructure projects and corporate end-user facility projects. The 2019 Global Groundwork Index State Rankings Top U.S. States are:

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What Forest? Trees Are in the Way

RR101019 RoadOct. 10, 2019 – I am trying to wrap my brain around infrastructure-advocacy group Transportation for America's announcement that it will no longer advocate for more money for transportation. According to the group, "We spend nearly $40 billion in federal tax dollars every year, which fails to bring us equivalent returns. The more we spend, the more that congestion, emissions and pedestrian fatalities seem to rise." Transportation for America now advocates three principles for any comprehensive federal investment in transportation: 1) Prioritize maintenance. 2) Design for safety over speed. 3) Connect people to jobs and services. Okay those are noble goals, but it seems to be we are not getting equivalent returns because our infrastructure is crumbling faster than we can fix it with the money allotted. A nice solution is greater infrastructure investment and then maybe their three core principals in the mix. To not advocate for greater investment is to not see the forest for the trees.

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NSSGA Hill Day Timing Critical

RR100819 CapitolOct. 8, 2019 – November is shaping up to be a busy month on Capitol Hill. When planning a fly-in for the industry, first and foremost is to ensure Congress will be in session. Well, the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association's (NSSGA) Legislative & Policy Forum will not lack for activity and urgency this November. "As we gather our army of aggregates advocates to meet with members of Congress, funding for the federal government is set to expire Nov. 21 during the week of our Legislative & Policy Forum," NSSGA stated. "The funding was extended through this date to allow leaders of both political parties to negotiate the FY2020 spending bills. Among those spending bills are investments in road construction, runway and airport improvements, rail networks, port improvements and other infrastructure projects. As we storm the Hill on Nov.19, Congress will be keenly focused on federal funding important to your business."

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