Biden Infrastructure Plan Comes This Week

March 29, 2021 – According to Politico, President Joe Biden is set to roll out his infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, laying out details for a package that is about much, much more than just transportation. Roads, bridges, rail and transit remain at the center of it, though. Early reports suggest that the first part of the possible $3 trillion package will be focused on transportation and other physical infrastructure, like housing. But how will they pay for it? The preferred formula, as laid out by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, seems to be some combination of tax increases and borrowing. White House press secretary Jen Psaki kept it broad when asked on Friday how the administration plans to get Republicans on board with tax hikes. “We don’t know what the votes will be,” she said at the daily briefing. “We haven’t proposed a package yet, and certainly what it will be tied to and the pay-fors will be part of that discussion. But [Biden] certainly believes there’s been a history of support for investing in infrastructure.”

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