Arcosa Scores Big

March 23, 2021 – Antonio Carrillo, president and chief executive officer of Arcosa, noted in the company’s recent quarterly report, “We expect to continue to deploy capital to strengthen our current market positions and expand our geographic footprint.” The company just did that in spades with the acquisition of StonePoint Materials, one of the 25 largest aggregates companies in the United States. Arcosa just added 9 million tons of annual aggregates production across 20 locations, and more than 40 years of reserves. The company not only bulked up its aggregates holdings in its Gulf Coast Region (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi); it has added a Tennessee/Kentucky wing and a presence in Pennsylvania/West Virginia. As Carrillo noted, “The transaction aligns with Arcosa’s strategy to expand our Aggregates business in our current footprint and to enter new, attractive geographies.”

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