IAC Tailored Solutions: Rapid-Deployment Frac Sand Plant

Industrial Accessories Company (IAC) offers the next generation of frac sand plants with its “ECO” design. ECO stands for Economic Frac Sand Rapid Deployment Plant, which is the result of the customer-driven need for rapid deployment and highly tailored capabilities.

The IAC ECO plant has a smaller footprint and easier to transport and deploy in the field and is designed to leverage emerging markets and new sand deposits, facilitating faster commissioning and enhancing speed to market. Targeting 500,000 to 750,000 mmtpy output, this plant offers several advantages to a traditional large scale fixed plant.

  • International deployment: The new plant’s smaller footprint and modular design allows for greater shipping options and reduced costs, meaning the plant can be deployed anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.
  • Logistical flexibility: The ECO Rapid Deployment plant can be deployed quickly to an emerging in-basin deposit through both quicker transportation and a smaller footprint, allowing the owner to minimize time to market and leverage emerging opportunities.
  • Maximized output: Utilizing IAC’s patented dual feed dryer, this plant can achieve a higher output compared to other plants of similar size and can accommodate a wider range of moisture and sand deposit quality.
  • Minimal staffing: Through the use of IAC’s advanced controls, monitoring technology, and predictive modeling, this plant can be operated with minimal staffing and without relying on workforce tribal knowledge.
  • Expandable and scalable: As with all IAC designs, the customer’s needs today and in the future are paramount. The ECO Rapid Deployment frac sand plant can be built to accommodate today’s need as well as account for future expansion.

Driven by demand for greater flexibility and international interest, the ECO plant design adds to IAC’s already extensive list of innovative, customer centric projects and products. As frac sand plays continue to emerge, speed of production is critical to maximize the opportunities, and IAC’s ECO plant designs facilitate rapid deployment and quick production need.

IAC, www.iac-intl.com

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