Peckham Touts Safety in New Video

Peckham Industries has developed a new video showing that the motto “Safety never takes a day off” is more than a slogan; it’s the way the company conducts every facet of its business.

“We are shifting to understand that safety has to be our number-one consideration,” said company President John R. Peckham.

Those words – and the four core safety values of a new Safety Charter – serve to guide almost 1,000 company employees through their work every day in the construction materials business.

The Four Core Safety Values at Peckham Industries are:

  • Safety before production.
  • Everyone is empowered and obligated to stop unsafe conditions and actions.
  • Before starting a project, employees should Stop, Look, Analyze and Manage the situation.
  • A focused worker is a safe worker.

Hear from company leaders about how these four values are applied throughout Peckham Industries to keep employees, customers, and the public safe by clicking the video below.

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