Rockwell Automation Expands Visualization Offering

Rockwell Automation released new industrial PCs and software to markedly improve the reliability and security of visualization applications. Visualization systems are often among the most expensive plant floor systems to maintain and are a common target for unauthorized users looking to access control system assets and intellectual property.

The new industrial Allen-Bradley VersaView 6300 PCs and thin clients combine with FactoryTalk View human-machine interface (HMI) software and ThinManager thin-client management software to create a complete visualization system. Thin clients are computers connected remotely to a server storing applications, rather than using a local hard drive. For mission critical applications, users can deploy ThinManager redundancy or a VersaView 6300 PC running local and remote applications to help ensure reliability if server communications are lost.

In addition, unlike most industrial PCs, each model in the VersaView 6300 family is individually designed to minimize or remove frequent points of failure like fans and connectors, helping reduce costs and extend the life of the PC.

“These new industrial PCs and the ability to create a more reliable and cost-effective visualization system are the result of our acquisition of ASEM S.p.A., an Italy-based provider of automation technologies,” said Dan DeYoung, hardware business director, Rockwell Automation. “We’re also working to bring the acquisition to fruition in other valuable ways, such as by offering greater customization and breadth to our industrial computers and expanding remote connectivity options.”

Customers can enhance cybersecurity when they use the new industrial PCs with ThinManager software. Multiple PCs with locally stored applications spread across a plant floor can increase the attack surface and security risks. ThinManager software allows applications to run and be maintained from a central and secure location.

Additionally, when users acquire both the visualization hardware and software from one source, support is simplified. This can reduce the headaches, costs, and mean time to repair that typically come from working with multiple vendors for support issues. Users can also save money by taking advantage of the flexible content delivery methods and simplified licensing that are available from a Rockwell Automation-based system.

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