TAC Insight Releases Cloud Dispatch and Material Request

TAC Insight announces the release of Fast-Weigh Dispatch, a cloud-based truck dispatching system that streamlines all aspects of the construction materials transportation process – truck and hauler scheduling, dispatch rostering, load-out, ticketing, GPS tracking, proof of delivery, and more. Designed to work in coordination with the Fast-Weigh ticketing and bulk material management platform, Fast-Weigh Dispatch provides a single integrated system to manage material requests, ticketing, fulfillment, and tracking.

With Fast-Weigh Dispatch and Proof of Delivery, producers, haulers, contractors, and DOT inspectors can now share tickets electronically while monitoring deliveries in real-time.

“More and more producers, contractors, and haulers are looking to move away from paper and switch to electronic ticketing,” said Mike Mendiola, founder and technology director for Fast-Weigh. “We believe by providing a single platform for scale ticketing, dispatching, order management, billing, and truck payables, we can help companies streamline their operations, become more efficient, and ultimately save both time and money.”

Designed for both Android and iOS, the Fast-Weigh Dispatch mobile app can be installed in trucks or loaded on your drivers’ existing mobile phones in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for additional tablets or other expensive hardware.

From the app, drivers can clock in, view their active dispatches, and navigate to pickup and delivery sites via smartphone. They can also work with existing Fast-Weigh tickets or generate their own mobile load tickets using Bluetooth-enabled printers. In addition, drivers can input tickets from third-party ticketing sources. With our cloud Dispatch Dashboard, dispatchers can manage all request fulfillment and rostering data from one place and transmit new information directly to drivers’ mobile devices in real-time.

Like all other Fast-Weigh products, Fast-Weigh Dispatch is a fully integrated modern SaaS platform that is simple and easy to setup and install and requires no on-premises servers or databases.

TAC Insight, www.fast-weigh.com