Kespry Announces Winter 2020 Aerial Intelligence Platform Release

Visual and sensor-based data analytics firm Kespry announced its Winter 2020 Aerial Intelligence platform updates aimed at helping businesses across the mining, aggregates, energy, port, pulp and paper and insurance industries launch successful enterprise visual intelligence programs. 

The enhancements strengthen the platform’s field-to-finish usability and ensure automation is a part of the entire stack – from capturing data to identifying critical business insights from it.

Kespry’s Winter 2020 Aerial Intelligence platform updates include:

Enhanced Inspection Reporting and Image Navigation. Kespry is transforming how producers inspect plant buildings and roofs. The platform provides seamless image navigation which allows users to conduct inspections as if they were there in person and easily find the most important high-resolution photos. Users can now filter their image gallery as they zoom and pan across the property overview and navigate to specific images by clicking on insights and observations displayed on the property overview.

Additionally, the platform has gained a suite of enhanced reporting tools that enables customers to make informed business decisions. Users automatically receive reports that provide in-depth location context for observations found in an inspection. Those reports are easily digestible and can be shared with stakeholders and customers to help them better visualize the status of their assets.

WingtraOne RX1 PPK Support. Kespry’s platform continues to extend its “Bring Your Own Drone” (BYOD) program, and now offers support for WingtraOne. Customers can now integrate with the Kespry platform and are able to process, store, and analyze WingtraOne RX1 PPK data on Kespry’s mapping platform. 

This enables the possibility to work with both Wingtra data and data captured with Kespry’s leading field-to-finish solution all in the same ecosystem. Kespry’s flexible platform supports the latest hardware advancements, and Wingtra is the perfect solution for mining and aggregate sites which span large areas and require high data accuracy.

“As we’re closing in on the end of 2020, Kespry’s commitment to innovation in the Aerial Intelligence space has not wavered,” said George Mathew, Kespry’s CEO and chairman. “We are inspired by our customers and their precise needs to build a world-class platform that not only allows them to do their jobs more effectively, but also gives them greater business insight than ever before. We’re looking forward to continuing this momentum into next year and delivering additional enhancements and tools that will further their success.”

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