TRUX Launches Contactless Ticketing Solution

TRUX unveiled contactless ticketing for the construction industry. This new set of tools allows contractors, dump truck drivers, and material producers to safely and digitally record and track their data from construction projects without worrying about physical paper tickets, solving the problems that arise from physical tickets and receipts.

TRUX Contactless Ticketing is the industry’s most robust eTicketing solution that integrates sales orders and scale tickets directly into technology solutions for all participants in the material supply chain by leveraging unified digital dispatching, hauling, and site contact load tracking and resolution software. Traditional non-digital ticketing relies on paper slips that are easily misplaced, harder to submit for invoicing, contain non-standardized information, and are often missing key details. Paper tickets also lack easily accessible historical data or insightful analytics since physical records are often kept off-site.

TRUX Contactless Ticketing meets established requirements from the leading state DOTs across the country for digital ticketing, ensuring full conformance with modern regulations. For the states that have provided guidelines or requirements, TRUX Contactless Ticketing not only exceeds these guidelines, but can also help set the industry standard. With more than 16,000 approved drivers on its platform, as well as some of the nation’s largest material producers and contractors as customers, TRUX is uniquely positioned to modernize ticketing in the construction industry and set a new standard for safe, digitally enabled worksites.

“Contactless Ticketing has been one of our top priorities for the past few months and after extensive testing with some of our key customers, we’ve launched and are excited to help move the construction industry forward even faster,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of TRUX. “Contactless ticketing benefits all players in the field, and it helps solve many of the problems that paper ticketing presents.”

TRUX’s new Contactless Ticketing follows the recent debut of the company’s enterprise-level platform, Powered by TRUX, which equips material producers with the tools they need to provide best-in-class service to their customers and innovative software to their dispatchers. Additional features expected to debut on the TRUX platform this year include enhanced analytics, dashboards, insights, and more.


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