EarthCam Offers World’s First 5G Multi-Network Camera System

EarthCam debuted the industry’s first 5G construction camera. Through collaboration with Sierra Wireless, Verizon and AT&T, EarthCam’s 5G implementation makes it possible to send an almost unlimited amount of visual data from the jobsite. It enables new live-streaming, drone and security analytic applications as well as the highest quality time-lapse documentation.

EarthCam’s new StreamCam 5G offers powerful 4K streaming, 10-megapixel photography and a low cost of operation, making it the optimal jobsite camera. A built-in Edge Video Recorder enables 120 days continuous recording. Downloading a full day of security recordings takes less than five minutes, previously with 4G, that same transfer would take more than two hours. Heavy duty housing and a maintenance-free wiper make the StreamCam 5G ideal for the most demanding environments. Remote diagnostics, battery and data backup optimize performance. Solar power upgrades are also available to create a fully autonomous 5G solution.

EarthCam also introduced multi-network 5G options for its entire line of cameras, setting the stage for the next generation of solutions to transfer Gigapixel RAW image files to further the art of cinematic time-lapse. Even if it were possible over a 4G connection to transfer a full month’s worth of RAW images without network time-outs, it would take over 28 hours. Using 5G – approximately 50 minutes.

“5G provides previously unobtainable data transfer capability. For the first time. RAW uncompressed images – the ‘gold standard’ in photography – are now accessible,” said Brian Cury, CEO and founder at EarthCam. “Finally, wireless bandwidth is catching up with our unique gigapixel technology. We’re very proud to be able to deliver another breakthrough for our clients who want forward-thinking innovation to maximize their investment.”

EarthCam has incorporated best in-class 5G technology from Sierra Wireless to transform the camera installation into a communications hub for site telemetry. Vast amounts of data from drones or environmental, safety and security sensors can be quickly accessed with the ultra-low latency of 5G. Wireless lag on the jobsite from sharing crowded urban 4G networks will soon be a concern of the past. EarthCam clients will have a major competitive advantage by upgrading their existing solutions to 5G, providing vast amounts of bandwidth for their entire jobsite.

5G infrastructure already serves more than 35 countries worldwide, and its ecosystem is growing at an exponential pace. Introducing these unique 5G camera solutions reinforces EarthCam’s position as an industry pioneer.