Vulcan Materials Looks Ahead

NOTD TomHill 200

Nov. 5, 2020 – Vulcan Materials’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Hill – on the heels of the company’s third-quarter report – looked into his crystal ball, and stated, “Going into 2020, we expected shipment growth; however, in March, that trajectory was disrupted by COVID-19 and the resulting shelter-in-place ordinances. Since then, the economic uncertainty and the evolving nature of the pandemic have continued to weigh on construction activity. We are encouraged by the recent sequential improvement in leading indicators that foreshadow future construction activity, and now believe that we have sufficient near-term visibility to provide full-year guidance. We expect full-year 2020 Adjusted EBITDA of $1.285 billion to $1.315 billion. This full-year outlook reflects year-over-year earnings growth despite lower shipments. It assumes no major changes in COVID shelter-in-place restrictions and also assumes a normal weather pattern for the balance of the year. As we look ahead to 2021, the pricing environment remains positive and we continue to work hard to add value for our customers. We expect to provide full-year guidance when we report fourth-quarter earnings in February.” Reflecting on the company’s execution, Hill went on to say, “While demand is subject to market fluctuations outside of our control, we remain focused on the factors we can control, such as our pricing and cost actions, both of which help to compound our unit margins. Our year-to-date results demonstrate our capabilities to drive continued improvement in challenging circumstances. Actions taken across our more than 360 locations have ensured an effective response to the economic disruption resulting from COVID-19. Our operating plans are underpinned by our four strategic disciplines (Commercial and Operational Excellence, Logistics Innovation and Strategic Sourcing), a healthy balance sheet, strong liquidity, and the engagement of our people.”

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