Curtiss-Wright Showcases Human-Machine Interface

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Group is showcasing its latest product offerings including Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Controls, electronic throttle controllers, transmission shifters, sensors and power electronics.

Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing solutions for the monitoring and control of vehicles operating in extreme conditions, including applications throughout the construction and off-highway sectors.

A recent trend for these applications is towards OEMs incorporating electronic HMIs that integrate fully into custom control boxes and armrest assemblies, providing operators with a wide range of new capabilities.

Working closely with OEMs, Curtiss-Wright can develop complete HMI console assemblies that incorporate multiple functions and can be operated with the use of just one hand, or via finger or thumb activation. Typically incorporating joysticks, push-button switches, rotary thumbwheels and levers, they bring control of numerous vehicle functions and features to a central console for operator convenience and efficiency.

Drivetrain electrification is another trend Curtiss-Wright is at the forefront of and on its stand will be the recently-launched World Traction Inverter (WTI) series.

Curtiss-Wright has been designing and manufacturing vehicle-grade traction inverters since 2003 and estimates that its inverters have covered over 1.8 billion kilometers of on road use. The kilometers covered by these traction inverters have helped Curtiss-Wright during the development of its WTI, which offers state-of-the-art technology and innovative design for use in hybrid and pure-electric vehicle applications.

As a Tier 1 supplier to numerous vehicle OEMs, Curtiss-Wright is well placed at understanding the market’s needs, an understanding that has formed the basis for the WTI.
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