Carmeuse Cultivates Community

Limestone Trail entrance

Oct. 27, 2020 – Community projects can help aggregates and other nonmetallic minerals operations create a bond with the local community. For example, Carmeuse’s Beachville, Ontario, Canada, operation, in conjunction with the Beachville Museum and Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, showcased a new community project: the “Limestone Valley Trail.” Built on old reclaimed mine property just north of the Thames River, the trail provides the public access to nature, the company said. Installation of bird and bat boxes along the trail provide an inviting habitat for species in decline, and within the heart of the trail, hikers can enjoy a garden sanctuary filled with pollinator-friendly plant species to support honey bee and Monarch Butterfly populations. Kiln artifacts are showcased and incorporated within the nature trail as well. Informative museum didactics placed along the trail provide an opportunity for the public to better understand the local history of lime production in the area dating back to the 1800s. Jon LeRoy of Carmeuse expressed the overall feeling of his team’s contribution. “Carmeuse encourages the community to come out and explore the Limestone Valley Trail and become better acquainted with nature,” he stated.

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