Stockpile Reports Inventory Measurement App Delivers Instant Results

Stockpile Reports is launching a new upgrade for its inventory measurement system. Companies are used to waiting several hours, or even days, to get measurement results for their stockpiled inventory. Now, they can generate inventory-level reports instantly with the SR iPhone app. Companies will receive the report immediately, simply by doing a quick perimeter walk of the stockpile with their iPhone.

The real-time measurement capability is an industry first and represents a significant evolutionary step forward, the company stated. “We’ve been developing the instant measurement technology for a while now. It’s been a primary objective to bring the ability to measure stockpiles in real-time with the iPhone to our supply chain customers – and it’s finally happening. We believe life is real-time and business should be too. We are all set to launch the beta program this year and start offering the solution to everyone come 2021,” said David Boardman, CEO.

Besides the iPhone app, the SR Automated Measurement (fixed cameras) system also supports instant, real-time measurements. For supply chain customers, this is a revolutionary solution. Customers with cameras fixed on their stockpiles are able to get auto-generated reports, never running short on inventory.

  • Customers who upgrade will gain instant insights into their inventory material levels.
  • The new technology can help automate the supply chain, enabling a seamless data flow and collaboration between diverse teams, facilitating reliability and a more consistent customer experience.
  • Instant measurement reports can be generated with the aid of the handy, use-anywhere SR iPhone app, or their Automated Measurement system (fixed cameras).
  • The system will be rolled out incrementally in the fourth quarter of 2020/first quarter 2021. There’s a thought leadership program for early adopters in the works.

Stockpile Reports,

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