Reynolds Soil Technologies Reports Increase in Demand For Its Dust Control, Water Management Formulas

RST Hi Foam dust suppression

Water shortages and environmental restrictions are increasing the need for mining and quarrying companies to find solutions that reduce water consumption while enabling operations to continue at optimum level.

Leading fine particle specialist Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has reported an unprecedented increase in demand for its dust control and water management formulas that require substantially less water to achieve the same, if not better results.

RST has recorded significant increases in supply of its water-saving solutions, including the Hi-Foam formula, every year for the past five years.

RST’s Hi-Foam product has been selling in record amounts, as mining companies find ways to improve mining efficiencies and reduce water consumption to lessen the environmental impacts of their operations.

Hi-Foam requires substantially less water and has been found to be more effective at suppressing dust in the crushing and the bulk material handling processes than traditional water spray dust suppression systems.

Its unique formula was developed by RST in response to increasing demand from mining and quarrying companies for ways to cope with water restrictions while keeping operations running as normal.

The Australian-based, international environmental specialist company develops and manufactures products and solutions for dust suppression, stabilization and erosion control, and water sediment solutions to assist the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said increased pressure was being placed on these industries to reduce their environmental impact.

“All companies are required to be a lot more mindful about water consumption to ensure their operations have less of an effect on the environment,” he said. “We are seeing significant demand for products that require less water usage, especially from companies dealing with drought and water shortages.

“RST has been supplying record amounts of our Hi-Foam product to projects around Australia where water has been scarce, as well as copper and gold mines in Chile,” Handel continued. “Chile is experiencing the driest decade in recorded history and the drought is not showing any signs of ending soon.

“By using RST’s foaming agents, mines are using up to half the amount of water compared to conventional wet spray dust suppression systems. Using foam stops dust lift-off in the first instance and is both a short- and long-term dust prevention method because it binds dust particles, unlike water that dries out and returns surfaces to dust,” he explained. “The advantages of using our foaming agents is they save a significant amount of water and are undeniably more effective in controlling dust than wet spray dust suppression systems.

“But it’s not only the mining sector that is becoming increasingly aware of the need to change its processes in order to reduce the impact of its operations and conserve water,” said Handel. “We are now supplying Hi-Foam as a dust suppression solution to quarry companies throughout Australia who are working with minimum water access to contain hazardous silica dust.”

The RST-developed Hi-Foam System is considered the dust solution of choice for operations where moisture limitations on materials is critical and the treatment of large areas is required.

The customizable mechanical foaming dispensing system produces the Hi-Foam solution through the controlled mixing of compressed air, water and the Hi-Foam formula.

When the Hi-Foam solution is applied through the foaming generating system, it creates a robust, flowable foam that engulfs all the material and fine particles in a “total dust blanket” effect that prevents dust from becoming airborne.

Hi-Foam is just one of more than 50 innovative products developed by RST to assist companies in the mining and quarrying, civil construction and agriculture industries companies throughout Australia and across the globe.

RST has more than three decades of experience in developing versatile and effective environmental management solutions across a range of industry sectors including mining, quarrying, waste management, civil constructions and manufacturing in both Australia and overseas.


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