AGC Talks Recovery, Infrastructure

RR073120 AGC

July 31, 2020 – The Associated General Contractors of America likes coronavirus recovery measures recently announced in Congress, but makes a good point: infrastructure spending is the economic recovery the workforce needs right now. Association officials noted that new coronavirus recovery measures include provisions that can help construction firms rebuild their payrolls. These include liability reforms so construction firms that are protecting workers from the coronavirus will not be subject to needless litigation. The proposal also includes improvement to the Paycheck Protection Program and an expansion of the Employee Retention Tax Credit the association supports. “While the measure also addresses unemployment insurance and workforce development, it fails to include the kind of infrastructure funding needed to rebuild our economy,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer. “That new funding is needed to address state transportation funding shortfalls, fix aging public facilities and help retrofit structures to protect students and others from the coronavirus.”

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