NSSGA Urges Congress to Commit to Infrastructure Investment

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) sent a letter to leaders in both chambers of Congress stressing the urgent need for bipartisan action to support state and local governments in the next economic relief bill who are being forced to halt public works projects due to economic shortfalls as result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The pressing need for federal support in the next relief package was highlighted in a recent study by the National League of Cities that found more than 700 cities across the country have halted projects that would improve roads, buy equipment and complete other much needed public works projects, including water systems. These are projects vital to the economic health of our nation and the states, cities and communities that comprise it.

In his letter to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Pelosi, NSSGA President and CEO Michael Johnson noted: 

“Providing relief to struggling local agencies and investing in infrastructure is key to reversing the economic impact of COVID-19 and delivering new jobs that will lead our nation back to its economic heights. Providing opportunities to the construction worker or planning engineer, is not only good for their families, but will deliver economic benefits that ripple to equipment manufacturers and suppliers; to those at the local lunch counter and gas station; to those transporting goods and services we all need.

“Taking bold action is the key to delivering economic recovery that create jobs for which Americans yearn. This investment will also leave a legacy of improvement as updates are made to our transportation networks, airports, waterways, schools, housing and energy facilities that are in a state of disrepair.”

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