Fairbanks Scales Announces Talon Low Profile Truck Scale

Talon Low Profile Cement App 04 2019 Crop

Fairbanks Scales Inc. announced the new Talon Low Profile Truck Scale, ideal for replacing older low-profile scales reaching the end of their service life.

The Talon is a great choice for sites with little clearance underneath where foundations cannot be modified. They can be ordered to fit existing scales and are available in 60-, 70-, and 80-ft. sizes. Options for profile heights include 12, 13, or 14 in., which can be set using the base plate kit instead of changing the scale itself.

The new design includes cover plates large enough to provide full access to the load cells and Smart Sectional Controller/Pit Power Supply (SSC/PPS) mounts but located as far out of the tire paths as possible to limit wear and tear. Corner pockets have PPS and SSC mounts and cable hangers to guarantee cleanliness. The corner pocket design allows easy access to load cells and base plates for easy installation and service.

The checking system is the same as Fairbanks’ standard Talon designs, but with bumper plates sized to accommodate shallow end wall heights.

Fairbanks, www.fairbanks.com

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