Intercomp Technology Delivers Live Axle-Weight Data

Intercomp has added Bluetooth technology to its HH60TM RFXTM Wireless Indicator. Live axle weight data is now securely transmitted from the indicator to a user’s Bluetooth-enabled iOS mobile device with the Intercomp iVehicleWeigh or iExactWeigh app installed.

All indicators manufactured after Jan. 1, 2020, have the chip installed as a standard feature, with current pricing remaining the same.

Wireless communication from scale pads to the indicator will continue to utilize the secure, field-proven RFXTM Wireless Weighing technology. The new Bluetooth chip simply allows data sharing with one Apple mobile device. In this case, a mobile device can easily become a second scale indicator, when needed.

Like RFXTM communication, only those with the proper digital credentials can access weight data from an iPad or iPhone. During the connection process, radio and encryption settings are required to access the data stream. This ensures only approved users can view axle weight information.

Part numbers used to identify and order the HH60TM will not change following the Bluetooth addition. The ability to fully-control up to six RFXTM scales within a 300-ft. line-of-sight radius, peak hold function, and the ability to store and print weight records are some of the functions that will continue to be available with this indicator.