FleetWatcher’s Electronic Ticketing Eliminates Points of Contact

Earthwave’s FleetWatcher Electronic Ticketing, or e-ticketing, helps drivers maintain social distancing by eliminating points of contact and ticket transfers inherent with paper ticketing programs. 

In addition to eliminating human points of contact, e-ticketing enhances efficiencies with accurate and timely reporting, and scale ticket integration. Tickets and summary reports are available via cell phone, allowing access to the information while maintaining a safe six feet of separation. It is ideal for state-funded pavement projects of all types and sizes.

Earthwave Technologies’ e-ticketing capabilities are part of their Materials Management Solution (MMS) which has been tested and approved by numerous state DOTs since 2014.  Scale Ticket Integration is one of their most popular features. 

The company has partnered with agencies in more than 13 states over a five-year period, providing a turnkey solution to alleviate the challenges and burdens associated with collecting paper tickets.   

Earthwave Technologies, www.EarthwaveTech.com