Command Alkon Offers Remote Printer Enclosure


While many other businesses are coming to a halt in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction businesses remain resilient. However, essential construction activity is impossible to conduct at home, and technology that allows drivers to transport critical path materials from their couch doesn’t exist, according to Command Alkon.

Self-service innovations are a staple in keeping essential construction operations going while exercising safe social distancing. Software and automation technology can reduce the need for truck drivers to engage directly with other quarry, plant, and jobsite personnel.

Many operations and projects are rapidly adopting e-ticketing approaches to remove paper-based processes requiring hand-to-hand interactions. For quarry situations that still require some level of paper ticketing, Command Alkon’s Remote Printer Enclosure can keep drivers inside their vehicles and get them on the road quicker.

The Remote Printer Enclosure, a site automation add-on to its Apex solution, enables drivers to pick up their scale ticket after weighing, never leaving the comfort and safety of their cab.

Combined with a movable swing arm option, the enclosure is installed at cab height immediately following the outbound scale and rotates easily out of the way if bumped.

Command Alkon,

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