Badger Mining Donates Personal Protective Equipment

Badger Mining Corp. (BMC) donated a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) from its Wisconsin facilities to the company’s neighbors at the Mayo Clinic and Blair Fire Department.

With the spread of COVID-19 over the past several weeks, hospitals and other organizations across the nation have made urgent calls to businesses and the government for this potentially lifesaving PPE as their supplies have dwindled.

In total, BMC was able to donate 89 half-face respirators, 51 respirator filters, 375 full-body protective suits, and four powered air purifying respirators to help protect our healthcare providers and fire responders, who in this case, are also often friends and fellow community members.

“Throughout our decades here in Jackson County, Badger has always lived by a set of values – two of which are safety and community,” said Mark Hess, Advisory Team member at BMC. “Even in this unprecedented crisis, those values continue to guide our decisions every day. You hear often today, but it is so true – we will get through this if we come together. We hope even a small donation like this can make a big difference in these challenging times. We will get through this. Together.”

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