REMA Modular Wear Protection System for Medium; Heavy Duty Applications

For operators in the mining industry, quarries or sand and gravel operations, it is a common annoyance: abrasive material, which is transported and processed in their plants, leaves traces of wear in many places in the production process.

Dump truck bodies, bunkers, chutes, loading points, funnels, hoppers and silos are affected by the enormous mechanical stresses in continuous use. And the wear protection used, often does not bring the desired effect and must be replaced after a few months. To improve this, REMA TIP TOP has developed a modular wear protection system that offers long service life even in demanding applications: RMS-MP-70.

The company will exhibit at booth C-33161 at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020, March 10-14 in Las Vegas.

The clever part of the modular system is that in the event of punctual damage, the modules can be replaced individually due to their uniform size, which considerably reduces operating costs compared with the large-scare replacement of a lining. The installation is simple: the trapezoidal elements are interconnected like a puzzle. Their overlap ensures a stable construction that prevents fine material from entering between the parts.

Strong Combination of Hard and Soft Rubber – The RMS-MP-70 rubber design is a combination of highly wear-resistant rubber material and an underlying orange signal layer (wear indicator). “REMA Performance line 70 is a material used in areas of high wear and impact because of its excellent abrasion resistance,” said Johannes Klöpper, product manager at REMA TIP TOP. “REMALINE 40 orange as a softer substructure is characterized by its high elasticity.” The orange signal layer acts as an indicator of wear and tear in order to plan maintenance measures in good time. A 5-mm-thick steel support plate on which the rubber material is vulcanized ensures secure attachment and also protects against material migration.

Now Also for Medium-Heavy Applications So far, REMA TIP TOP offered the modules in a total thickness of 80 mm. “After the RMS-MP-70 has already proven to be a heavy wear protection in practice, we also wanted to enable customers with medium-heavy applications a modular wear protection solution,” said Klöpper. To meet this demand, REMA TIP TOP has recently introduced modules with a thinner version of 40 mm. Their field of application is sensitive plant components, in which the grain size of the conveyed material and the impact energies are slightly lower.

Master of Their Craft: Polyurethane and Ceramics REMA TIP TOP offers the modular system under the product name RMS-REMATHAN-G90 based on polyurethane, especially for applications in the wet sector, where it is important to protect equipment and components against sliding wear and caking and where oils and fats play a role. The module thickness is also 40 mm.

Another novelty for even longer tool life and less caking: hybrid wear protection modules with highly wear-resistant ceramic elements, which are embedded in a special rubber matrix according to the principle of the proven REMALOX-HD series from REMA TIP TOP.

These are available in two thicknesses, 40 and 80 mm. Klöpper recommends the rubber-ceramic combination especially for transfer points with small impact angles of up to 40 degrees: “The RMS-REMALOX-HD modules are ideal in these areas. There is virtually no abrasion. On the other hand, the rubber bed absorbs the impact. We combined the best of both materials.”

The modular wear protection system RMS-MP-70 is manufactured in the German REMA TIP TOP plant in Fürstenzell near Passau and is available worldwide. The modules have a size of 300/600 x 600 mm.