AED President Urges Swift Ratification of North American Trade Deal

DN030320 McGuire

On Feb. 26, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) President and CEO Brian P. McGuire testified before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on International Trade about the importance of swiftly approving implementing legislation to ratify the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

Appearing via teleconference from AED headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill., McGuire discussed the importance of North American trade certainty. He said, “By modernizing and strengthening the trade ties between the three countries, CUSMA will help restore predictability and trade certainty to North American equipment markets, creating an environment for greater investment, well-paying jobs and sustained growth.”

McGuire also emphasized the need for quick passage of the agreement stating, “We’ve advocated for a prompt resolution of these negotiations both in Ottawa and in Washington, D.C., and promoted the benefits of reaching a deal speedily in both countries to deliver business confidence, which is a key driver of new investment in the construction, energy and agriculture sectors.”

Highlighting the impact of disruptions to international trade on the industry, McGuire commented, “Efficient delivery of heavy equipment, machinery parts and services helps keep costs low for our customers – farmers, road builders, contractors and provincial and local governments, across the country. Delays in product delivery create inefficiencies that postpone major infrastructure projects that benefit Canadian citizens and commerce.” 

To watch a video of McGuire speaking to Parliament, click here

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