bauma: BKT Features Earthmax Tires

LN041119 BKT

BKT is focusing on Earthmax tires at bauma 2019. This BKT range of radial tires was specifically designed to achieve better ground load distribution for dump trucks, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and some multi-purpose vehicles. 

Center stage at Hall A6 Stand 215 clearly belongs to Earthmax SR 46, the largest tire that BKT has ever built: 33.00 R 51. With a diameter of more than 3 meters (3,061 mm to be exact), length of 894 mm, the tire weighs 2,400 kg. 

Earthmax SR 46 is particularly suited for transporting heavy loads safely and was designed for rigid dump trucks engaged under the most complex and adverse conditions in hard and rocky environments such as mines. Its special tread design, block lug pattern and circumferential grooves yield excellent cornering performance and reduced wear and tear.

In addition to the stand, BKT tires are also showcased at three different bauma outdoor areas. In the first area, a huge panel shaped like a rigid dump truck features real tires from the series Earthmax SR 45 M (24.00 R 35) and Earthmax SR 45 (18.00 R 33). The second area spotlights the outline of an articulated dump truck equipped with real products, namely Earthmax SR 41 (875/65 R 29) and Earthmax SR 35 (750/65 R 25). The third promotional area, referred to as the Atrium, is entirely dedicated to Earthmax SR 53 (36/65 R 33). The common denominator consistently in all these models is their All Steel structure, which renders a stronger body and therefore greater resistance to aggressions such as punctures and penetration of foreign bodies.

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