Peckham Holds Safety Days Event

Peckham Industries held its Safety Days on March 12-14, at its Pleasant Valley Quarry, Pleasant Valley, N.Y.

“There was a large turnout of customers in Pleasant Valley this week as we prepare for a busy 2019 construction season,” the company stated. “Over the last several years, many changes and updates have occurred as we invest to respond to customer needs. As costs rise, and the scarcity of truck drivers is felt by all, Peckham continues to work to lower the time trucks are in the plants.” 

In Pleasant Valley, the company converted its asphalt plant from a batch tower to a continuous mix drum plant with six silos. This allows them to store more than 1,000 tons of ready-to-sell blacktop, ensuring the trucks will not be held up. 

Over at the quarry, the company has added new loaders that can cycle faster, knocking waiting and loading time down as much as possible. 

Participants at its Safety Days enjoyed plant tours after several sessions, including a presentation on work-zone safety. “We look forward to seeing more customers at future events,” the company said. 

Earlier in the month, Peckham representatives joined hundreds of its customers, along with many other suppliers and local municipal officials at the New York State Capitol. “We were advocating for higher spending for local roads. Each year funding needs increase, and the competition for monies tightens as well,” the company stated.

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