McCloskey International’s Newest Stacker Is Versatile

PTP McCloskeyAGG1

AGG1 visitors got a first look at McCloskey International’s new tracked radial stacker – the ST80T Radial – that allows operators to switch from tracked to wheel in minutes.

Built-in leveling indicators allow operators to position the stacker regardless of the ground evenness, with independent hydraulic jacklegs to stabilize once in place. A level gauge allows operators to position the stacker for maximum production. The tires on the ST80T Radial have an aggressive tread pattern for better traction in rough terrain.

Once in place, a hydraulic raise/lower arm allows the switch from track to radial mode in seconds. The stackers feature a unique rear counterweight that counter balances the tracks and wheels, which are behind the stacker’s center of gravity. The design enables a much higher stockpile capacity, with the radial wheels set well back. The rear counterweight also firmly anchors the tail end during radial mode, delivering greater stability to the stacker while in operation.

The ST80T Radial’s unique tool free transport design allows the equipment to move freely from site to site without needing to remove the wheels, delivering true portability for multi-site projects and operations.

The McCloskey ST80T Radial Stackers standard features include:
• Tires that have aggressive-tread patterns for more traction in tough terrain.
• Hydraulic raise/lower arm allows the conveyor to switch from track to radial mode in seconds.
• Level gauge to allow for operation on uneven ground.
• Internal wheel drive motors allow radial travel.
• Patented counterweight design delivers enhanced stability and safety in operation.

McCloskey International,

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