The Shelly Co.’s Southern Division Earns Safety Award

The Shelly Co.’s Southern Division earned the CRH Americas Materials World Class Safety Award for 2018.

The Shelly Southern team achieved a recordable incident rate of 0.18 while working 1,140,137 hours. The team had zero lost time incidents, one recordable injury, and drove 2,849,023 miles with zero preventable fleet incidents.

Former Shelly Safety Manager Mike Arnold was also honored with a safety award – Safety Director of the Year. 

“Being a leader not only takes courage, but also the ability to motivate others, improve performance, and get results,” said CRH Americas Materials President Randy Lake. “Safety Mike’s drive and enthusiasm for safety helped the Southern Division achieve its best safety performance year, to date. Beneath his outgoing, jovial personality is a person who cares deeply about the safety of others and the success of the company. He came into a program that needed someone exactly like him. His ability to get everyone excited about safety was never a message of something that needs to be done – he made you want to be safe and do things correctly. With Safety Mike’s direction, the Southern Division was able to implement many processes from his light-hearted memes in his Weekly Safety Report to implementing and highlighting a weekly 5-S project, bringing the Southern Division to where it is today.”

In December 2018, Arnold accepted a new position for CRH’s Texas Materials as its new regional safety director.

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