Telsmith 44SBS Cone Designed for Coarse Feed

The Telsmith 44SBS cone crusher is specifically designed for large, extra coarse feed material ideal for secondary and tertiary circuit positions in mining, aggregates and crushed stone production.

Telsmith 44 SBSAvailable in stationary units as well as in portable configurations, the 44SBS 223.71-kW (300-hp) cone offers output capacities ranging from 135 to 351 tph or 150 to 390 short tph depending on desired final output size and provides up to a 200-mm (8-in.) feed size.

Safety and uptime are engineered into 44SBS cone crushers by adding the Telsmith exclusive, patented overload protection design which limits the amount of force the cone crusher needs to absorb when it encounters overloads or tramp metal – providing the best protection for internal parts. This design has proven to save operations thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs.

The 44SBS allows for quick and safe chamber clearing should you have a power failure or tramp metal in the crusher. With a push of a button, the 44SBS crusher clears in minutes, avoiding hours of downtime. Operators simply flip a switch from the “crush” mode to the “clear” mode, and the upper frame is lifted vertically allowing the material to easily and safely fall through the crusher bringing you safely back in production with a minimal loss of time and profitability.

The Zero Maintenance Anti-Spin System includes a small hydraulic motor that is attached to the shaft preventing the head from spinning when running with intermittent feed. No adjustments, resetting or regular maintenance schedules are needed.

The anti-spin system provides longer manganese life and produces a more cubical product.

Telsmith Inc.,

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