Chamber President Calls for Gas Tax Increase

Every year, U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue outlines the top challenges facing the business community and lays out the U.S. Chamber’s policy priorities for the year. Infrastructure was front and center in Donahue’s most-current remarks, which he made on Jan. 10.

“We are calling on our leaders to pass a significant infrastructure package this year,” Donahue said. “You’ve heard me say for years that a modest increase to the motor vehicle fuel user fee – which hasn’t been adjusted in 25 years – can be a big part of the solution. I’ve also said the Chamber is open to viable alternatives – but we haven’t heard too many other ideas.”

The Chamber will be offering cash prizes totaling $25,000 to those who can come up with the best, most viable ideas for a long-term sustainable funding source for infrastructure. 

“We want to hear from everyone – students, academics, business leaders, the people out there doing the building – everyone,” Donahue said. “We’ll consolidate and publish all of the good ideas we receive – and we’ll have a big debate starting Feb. 5 at our annual Infrastructure Summit.”

Last year, the U.S. Chamber laid out a four-part plan to give the country a 21st century infrastructure system for a 21st century economy.

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