Integrating Project Management Software With Cameras

What if your site camera could talk to your project management software, sharing project information with workers? Now, this is possible, as technology providers are partnering up to make it easier to manage images.

With this type of integration, aggregates companies can share production line photos with external contacts or those working outside the project. Even more, a worker can look up, by date, photos and add comments.

Recently, TrueLook and Procore announced a new partnership that combines TrueLook’s jobsite viewing in Procore’s project management software. In this case, TrueLook is also tapping into Procore’s application programming interface, allowing for actions assigning ownership to tasks and requesting information from team members.

TrueLook has more software integrations planned in the coming months, and has also recently made hardware upgrades, adding drone services and Ethernet-based cameras for indoor jobsites.

This is just one example. OxBlue also recently integrated with Procore, allowing teams to easily view and organize photos, specs, drawings and documents.

Meanwhile, Sensera Systems has announced the launch of its own management application, SitePOV, which captures accurate as-built photo documentation from any location around the jobsite and provides automated photo management.

At the end of the day, site cameras are more often sharing photos from the jobsite with project management systems, enabling for better archival and management of information related to photos.

Source: Today’s Construction & Tech Trends, ConExpo-Con/Agg.

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