Mars Mineral Develops ‘The Pelletizer’ Mobile App

Mars Mineral has created “The Pelletizer,” a mobile app designed to help manufacturers, processors and others choose the equipment best suited to their applications involving dusts, fines and powders.

The Pelletizer is available through the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is formatted to be used on iPhone and other Apple devices, as well as on Android devices.

The app’s Equipment Selector feature allows users to input the types of powders they want to pelletize, as well as bulk density, desired pellet size and estimated hourly output. The Pelletizer also includes animations of process lines in action, FAQs, and a list of sales contacts throughout the United States and abroad.

“Development of The Pelletizer app puts us closer than ever to new and established customers alike,” said Clayton Woodward, president of Mars Mineral. “This convenience should help users of our pelletizing equipment and systems educate themselves quickly about the best solutions for their specific applications.”

In response to market needs that are changing continually, Mars Mineral makes regular updates to its pelletizing equipment and systems, including the Pin Mixer PRO, Deep Drum Pelletizer and Ampel Horizontal Pelletizer.

Mars Mineral,

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