PHIL Sideboards Help Maximize Volume, Minimize Spillage


Off-highway trucks are designed to haul ton-after-ton of material throughout quarries, mines and traverse unpaved haul roads in the pursuit of building economies and infrastructure around the world. From time-to-time, the truck bodies on these trucks cannot contain the material they need to maximize efficiency.

Whether the off-highway truck has a tailgate or not, the addition of PHIL Sideboards is useful in increasing the volumetric capacity of the truck body, and it assists in minimizing material spillage over the body sides.

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) Sideboards are available in 1-in. increments from 9 in. to more than 40 in. for most makes and models of articulated haulers and rigid frame trucks.

To compete in a highly competitive rental market, a Caterpillar dealer recently came to PHIL to increase the volumetric capacity of their Cat 745 articulated dump truck by adding 9-in. sideboards. Installation was done at the PHIL factory, but can also be done at the dealership or at the client site. When paired with a tailgate, this set of sideboards increased the volumetric capacity of the truck by approximately 9 cu. yd. – almost 28 percent more room to haul whatever needs to be hauled by their rental client.


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