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Here Are Some of the Latest Road-Building Products Introduced This Year.

Aggregates operations that also have a road-building division expect a high level of innovation, and always stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Here are some asphalt and road-building products in the news this year.


Astec Inc.

Astec Inc. earlier this year exhibited at the 2018 Intermat International Exhibition for Construction and Infrastructure in Paris. Attendees of Intermat 2018 learned more about the complete range of options available from Astec, including:

  • The Double Barrel XHR, Astec’s premium counter-flow aggregate drum dryer with an external asphalt mixer. An exclusive package of features on this drum can produce up to 400 tph of mix with up to 65 percent RAP/RAS content.
  • The Astec Warm Mix System, the latest generation simplifies production of warm mix asphalt. The benefits of warm mix asphalt, such as reduced energy consumption, lowered emissions and elimination of visible smoke, are well known in the asphalt paving industry. The Astec system achieves a lower temperature at a lower cost by eliminating the need for additives or special asphalt cement. Instead, the system injects a small amount of water into the liquid AC to create microscopic steam bubbles. These small bubbles act to reduce the viscosity of the liquid AC, allowing the mix to be worked at lower temperatures.
  • Astec Burners, the company offers the most technologically advanced burners in the industry with the Phoenix and Whisper Jet burner lines. The Whisper Jet burner delivers unmatched reliability and hassle-free maintenance. It cleanly and efficiently burns oil or gas and has a compact flame. The Phoenix Talon burner sets the standard for power and efficiency, while maintaining very low emissions. With the optional silencing package, it is quiet enough to have a phone conversation on the burner platform while it is firing. The Phoenix Fury burner is a great, cost-effective choice with a robust build and simple, accessible construction. Compared to other open-fired designs, the Fury burner achieves better emissions and fuel-efficiency by putting 50 percent more combustion air through the burner than competitive designs. The Phoenix Phantom Ultra Low NOx Premium burner leads the pack with the lowest available combustion and noise emissions (gaseous fuels only). The Phantom burner also achieves the highest electrical energy efficiency with innovations like variable speed drives and offers advanced mixing technology and the latest technological innovations to deliver the absolute minimum gaseous emissions available today.
  • The compact, highly portable Voyager 120 plant. Unique for a plant in this class is the ability to produce mix with up to 30 percent RAP content.

Astec, www.astecinc.com


CASE Construction Equipment recently introduced the new SV212D and SV216D single drum vibratory compactors – compatible with both smooth and padfoot drums. With best-in-class centrifugal forces, self-adjusting torque control system and the most climbing power in the industry, these machines are built for industry-leading performance in the toughest applications.

Able to climb grades of up to 65 percent, the SV212D and SV216D feature a low-center-of-gravity axle-free design and a high-traction hydrostatic drive system that provides constant power to the wheels and drum with an electronic self-adjusting torque control system. The machines’ new 154-hp, Tier 4 Final engine also delivers greater torque than previous models.

Best-in-class centrifugal force allows for higher lifts and deeper compaction depths completed in fewer passes for increased productivity. Performance on rough, uneven terrain is improved with an oscillating articulated roller joint that maintains consistent drum-to-ground contact, and a superior drum design reduces drift and maintains constant compaction throughout each rotation.

Available options include automatic traction control, padfoot and blade, and a more powerful HX drive designed to meet the demands of the most extreme conditions with increased torque and speed over the standard hydrostatic drive system.

Available in both open and cab configurations, the SV212D and SV216D models feature a spacious, comfortable and intuitive operator environment with an adjustable seat that swivels up to 50 degrees, providing excellent visibility of the drum surface. Rear visibility is maximized with a sloped rear deck design.

Like all CASE machines, the SV212D and SV216D are designed for groundline serviceability. A push-button electro-hydraulic engine cover and push-button electro-hydraulic cabin tilting provide easy access at ground level to all fluid ports, drains, service checkpoints and filters for simplified maintenance.

CASE Construction Equipment, www.CaseCE.com


HAMM 03 DV Series

At this year’s World of Asphalt show, Hamm’s innovative DV+ 90i VV-S rigid-frame, drum-steer, split-drum roller was introduced.

The 9.9-ton (9 metric tonne) DV+ 90i VV-S (vibration in both split drums), the DV+ 90i VO-S (vibration and oscillation in split drums), and DV+ 90i VT-S (vibration and pneumatic combi roller) are the latest tandem rollers in the DV+ series.

In 2017, Hamm launched the line in North America with the DV+ 70i VO-S model weighing 7.7 tons (7 metric tonnes). These highly productive, pivot-steered rollers represent the pinnacle in asphalt compaction, and meet all requirements for optimum compaction quality. Operators are enthusiastic about the excellent visibility and the new, intuitive Easy Drive operating concept.

Construction companies and roller drivers will find everything they would expect from a modern roller in the DV+ series of tandem and combi rollers. The DV+ is economical to use, easy to operate and designed for maximum productivity.

An intelligent drive control – plus pivot steering with four steering modes and large turning angles – form the basis for the highest possible compaction quality. The design is well thought out, enabling an excellent view of the drums and the work environment, an important point when it comes to getting the smoothest mats and satisfying the strictest quality and safety requirements.

With the DV+, surfaces can be quickly compacted to a high standard because all components in these rollers are perfectly matched to one another. An important factor is the always evenly distributed weight of the DV+. This is due to the positioning of the engine in the center of the machine and the two-part water tank distributing the weight evenly in all operational states.

The standard split drums fitted as standard feature vibration, and represent a further plus factor for quality. They ensure perfectly compacted asphalt layers, even in tight curves. There is also a very large turning angle, and the enormous track offset of the pivot steering allows the DV+ to be steered with great sensitivity in four different steering modes.

Thanks to the sophisticated automatic reverse transmission, gentle braking and reversing with simultaneous seat reversal and subsequent acceleration are very easy. The result is perfectly smooth asphalt paving with no bumps or hollows.

Refueling breaks interrupt the compaction process. To avoid them, Hamm has equipped the DV+ series tandem rollers with large water and fuel tanks. Filling is extremely user-friendly because the water can be replenished centrally from the ground very quickly via a pressurized supply of at least 14.7 psi as a standard feature.

Because the tanks are linked together via communicating pipework, they are filled simultaneously. Connection to a hydrant is also an option. Alternatively, water can be gravity-fed from above in the traditional way via one of the four filling spouts on the top. Replenishment of diesel and hydraulic fluid is also conveniently arranged: both can be carried out from ground level.

Hamm offers two versions of the DV+ for North America: with ROPS roof or with fully glazed ROPS panoramic cab. In both cases, drivers of the DV+ can enjoy an excellent view of the drum edges at all times. This has been made possible through the innovative design of the platform or cab and of the water tanks. A special feature is the glass-viewing pane in the floor that allows an unobstructed view of the drums from above.

On the models with ROPS cab, standard split doors ensure ample fresh air: the upper half can be rotated by 180 degrees, the lower by 85 degrees. When the door is closed, air is led through the window vents to the interior, and in winter, ventilation slots ensure speedy de-icing.

All DV+ series models are equipped with state-of-the-art engines, satisfying requirements of Tier 4/Stage IIIB emissions requirements. The power pack filters the soot particles with a highly effective diesel particulate filter as part of the exhaust gas purification. This means that the rollers are equipped with future-proof technology that can be used even in the most strictly regulated markets, such as California. The new automatic engine stop system can also be incorporated as an optional extra; it switches the engine off during extended periods of inactivity, saving fuel.

Hamm, www.wirtgen-group.com/en/product-brands/hamm


With the 10-ft. tracked Super 2000-3i and the wheeled Super 2003-3i pavers – the former shown earlier this year at the Wirtgen booth at World of Asphalt 2018 – Vögele has developed two entirely new pavers for the North American market, designed primarily for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications.

Both pavers come with the latest version of the Vögele operating system, the ErgoPlus 3, which has been enhanced with a number of new ergonomic and functional features.

With these new 10-ft. Highway Class pavers, Vögele also offers the right screed for every application. The Super 2000-3i and the Super 2003-3i can be combined with the VF 600, a screed with front-mounted extensions, as well as the VR 600 and AB 600, two screeds with rear-mounted extensions. The AB 600 extending screed is equipped with both a vibration system and tamper, meaning it can achieve higher compaction. It’s ideal for placing recycled materials as well as roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

The driving force behind the two new Vögele Highway Class pavers is their powerful, six-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, rated at 250 hp (186 kW). Both low fuel consumption and low-noise operation are made possible by intelligent engine management with an ECO mode.

Also shown at World of Asphalt 2018 was Vögele’s 8-ft. wheeled paver, the Super 1703-3i. The 8-ft. paver segment is of central importance as these machines can cover a wide range of applications, from small municipal jobs to highway construction and rehabilitation.

With their strong performance and a uniquely compact design, the Vögele Super 1700-3i tracked and Super 1703-3i wheeled pavers put their owners at the forefront of technology in this field. The machines integrate the practical features that make the “Dash 3” generation of Super pavers synonymous worldwide with modern road pavers – most notably the intuitive and ergonomic ErgoPlus 3 operating concept.

Their material-handling concept effectively counteracts thermal and mechanical segregation by such means as its innovative receiving hopper, ascending conveyors and hydraulic augers, the height of which can be adjusted by 6 in. (15 cm).

These new 8-ft. pavers – when combined with Vögele front-mounted extending screed and hydraulic bolt-on extensions – can pave at a maximum 19 ft. 6 in. (5.95 m). High performance, even when operating at this maximum paving width, is provided by a liquid-cooled 4-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, which even functions reliably under extreme climate conditions. The engine has an output of 173 hp (129 kW) at 2,000 rpm. When working in ECO mode, which is sufficient for most applications, the engine runs at a maximum of 1,700 rpm, further reducing noise emissions and fuel consumption.

ErgoPlus 3, the latest version of the Vögele operating system, has been enhanced with a number of new ergonomic and functional features. With its new mounting system, for example, the paver operator’s console can now be shifted conveniently and easily between the right and left sides of the operator’s stand during operation. In addition, it has a large color display that ensures good readability even in poor lighting conditions. The screed consoles have been completely redesigned, making operation of these new Dash 3 machines even easier for the entire paving crew.

Displayed at World of Asphalt 2018 was the versatile Super 700-3i, which gives commercial contractors the means to tackle paving projects from bike paths, to shoulders, to utility cuts, to parking lots, and even residential streets and country roads.

It’s a small-sized asphalt paver that provides big productivity and profitability. It has a laydown rate up to 280 tph, yet has a clearance width of only 4 ft. 7 in. It has a wide range of paving widths, from 20 in. to 10 ft. 6 in. Its operation is simple, with ErgoBasic operating system.

Mounted with the AB 220 Extending Screed in the V (vibration) version, it features multiple feed options with its asymmetrical material hopper. Its 74-hp Deutz diesel engine is powerful, and made even more efficient and cost-effective when operated in ECO Mode.

Vögele, www.wirtgen-group.com/en/product-brands/voegele


Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) launched the CR30B and CR35B combination rollers at World of Asphalt, adding to its small asphalt compaction line. These versatile machines are powered by a fuel-efficient, low-emission engine and packed with features that deliver a smooth and dense mat surface.

Built on the proven platform of preceding models, these next-generation machines can be used in a variety of applications, such as driveways, small paths, patchworks, or shoulders on roads. Whatever the job, the CR30B and CR35B deliver a dense, high-quality mat surface thanks to the combination of two compaction methods. The machines use the high-frequency vibration of the front drum to achieve density targets, and the four pneumatic rear tires manipulate the compacted material, ensuring impermeability and smoothness of the mat.

Both models are powered by a Kubota 49.6- hp, low-emission, fuel-efficient engine. They meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations and feature a passive regeneration system that cleans the filters automatically, thereby eliminating the need for the machine to stop or for operator input. Fuel use is further reduced thanks to the optional auto-idle feature, which reduces engine speed when controls are inactive for more than 60 seconds.

The CR30B and CR35B combination rollers offer consistent compaction due to a handful of advanced features. The auto-vibration feature automatically engages vibration when the machine reaches 1.5 mph and disengages when the speed drops below 1.2 mph, for reduced risk of over-compaction.

Optimizing finished pavement quality, the drum edges are chamfered and rounded to avoid marking the mat while rolling. The pressurized water spraying system and a separate emulsion tank prevent material pick-up. The operator can easily adjust the water flow rate and emulsion flow rate independently, for greater productivity and ease of use.

Ease of operation is enhanced by the new side console and display, enabling operators to make adjustments on the fly. The operator seat can also slide laterally according to individual preferences and jobsite requirements. For increased rolling precision, the engine hood is sloped, offering a clear forward view of the job site, as well as unobstructed sightlines down to the drum and spray bars.

The new combination rollers promote uptime through durable components and simple maintenance requirements. The 79-gal. water spraying system increases time between refills. The low positioning of the water and emulsion tanks enable them to be quickly and easily filled from ground level. And the hinged hood provides clear access to the engine, hydraulics, fuses and relays for swift and convenient servicing.

Volvo also offers a range of solutions to optimize machine uptime and reduce operating costs. The CR30B and CR35B are Tech Tool and MATRIS compatible, helping speed up diagnostic time. CareTrack, the Volvo telematics system, is also available as a factory option for proactive machine monitoring.

Volvo CE, www.volvoce.com/united-states/en-us


Wirtgen’s large milling machines are the machines of choice for renewing large asphalt or concrete surfaces. With working widths of 4 ft. 11 in. (1.5 m) to 14 ft. 4 in. (4.4 m), these machines – alongside the compact- and small-class mills – feature innovations that further optimize cost efficiency.

The cold mills W 200i, W 200 Hi, W 210i, W 220i and W 250i represent Wirtgen’s powerful large milling machine range for the U.S. market. The highest horsepower machines can do more than just remove asphalt or concrete pavements layer by layer down to a maximum working depth of 14 in. (35 cm). They can also roughen surfaces, level substrates, produce plane surfaces with millimeter accuracy, and remove tunnel floors. The variety of applications these large Wirtgen milling machines can handle is immense, as is the flexibility with which they adapt to individual milling jobs. Designed for high performance, they do their job with high productivity and cost-efficiency thanks to pioneering technologies.

The parallel-to-surface (PTS) feature automatically positions the large milling machines parallel to the road surface, ensuring simple and flawless machine operation for high-quality profiling work. This automatic function carries out all the steps an operator would otherwise have to select individually. Automating the process of lowering the machine into the milled cut helps to avoid excessive tool wear or breakage as milling begins, while greatly simplifying the operator’s job.

Another example is the Intelligent Speed Control (ISC) system. Like a traction control system in a car, ISC minimizes spinning of the crawler tracks, enabling optimum traction in each one so the machine can achieve its optimum milling performance. ISC displays its strengths most effectively on demanding milling jobs.

With its Operator Comfort System (OCS), Wirtgen sets new standards in operating convenience and user-friendliness. The hydraulic moving and swiveling cabin is the heart of OCS. It can be positioned quickly and effectively to give the machine operator the best possible view at all times. The high-quality equipment inside the cabin leaves nothing to be desired: Camera transmission, precision joystick control, and a powerful automatic climate control system provide for optimum working conditions in any weather.

Wirtgen developed additional practical solutions that further will optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of its large milling machines. One entirely new development is the integration of a dual conveyor on the most powerful milling machine, the W 250i. Two, parallel belts uniformly accelerate the milled material, transferring it in a compact stream to the waiting truck.

Numerous other advanced features – such as the camera system, operator consoles, scraper activation system and job data processing – help to make large cold mills from Wirtgen even more productive and profitable.

Wirtgen, www.wirtgen-group.com

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